AKA on Bonang: I am not in a relationship with Bonang

Bonang, AKA, Zinhle (Instagram)
Bonang, AKA, Zinhle (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It's been three weeks since DJ Zinhle shocked the nation with allegations that AKA and Bonang had an affair. 

Zinhle released a statement claiming that the reason for her and AKA's split was that he had an affair for five months with Mzansi's 'IT' girl. (Read that story here

Both AKA and Bonang fiercely denied the allegations. 

But three weeks on, and AKA is sticking to his word. During a no holds-barred interview with MTV Base Africa, AKA again reiterated that he is not in a relationship with Bonang. 

The aim of the interview was to give AKA the chance to set the record straight about all the drama surrounding his personal life.

"Myself and Bonang have never been in a relationship. I am not in a relationship," he said. 

AKA added that he needed to draw attention to all the nasty things that are currently being said about Bonang.

"I've known Bonang for a while now, and I just have to draw attention to the types of things people are saying about her, and the types of things that the media are saying about her. It is unfair and quite shocking," AKA added. 

The rapper would not be drawn into divulging or getting into what Bonang may be going through since the statement from Zinhle was released.

But he did reveal to host, Sizwe Dhlomo that things are tough right now. 

"Things are tough right now for everyone involved in this saga. It's unfortunate that it's so public and it's such a media frenzy, but I understand why it is," AKA added. 

AKA said that he believes that the best thing for him right now is to focus on his daughter and on his music.