AKA takes another swipe at iFani

AKA and iFani (Twitter)
AKA and iFani (Twitter)

Johannesburg- There seems to be no end in sight to the feud between AKA and iFani.

We all know that the All Eyes on Me star is currently having a blast in London.

But in true AKA style, he decided to rub it iFani's face. The rapper tweeted iFani to ask him how his Eastern Cape tour going. 

As if that wasn't enough AKA then tweeted a snap of himself in East London (Europe) versus iFani in East London (South Africa). 

iFani hit back suggesting to AKA that it's time to put this issue behind them and that they should shake hands. But the snap that iFani took looked like it was a swipe back at AKA, because one hand was gold and the other wasn't.