Angry Loui Fish: "Mark must pay"

Tjo, Mark Fish's ex is one angry lady! She says that while he's having lavishing weddings he can't even afford to pay maintenance for his two kids.

Loui Fish told YOU Magazine this week that she is broke and often has to "make a plan" to put food on the table for her and her kids and she's angry with Mark for not providing her with financial support.

"I'm not a bitter ex-wife, she says. "But Mark doesn't pay maintenance". Sounds bitter to us!

She says she was told by Mark's new wife, Salome van Rensburg that there was no money for her son's medical aid. "That was a month before the wedding. You can't get married if you have no money and don't first make sure your children have food and clothes".

But despite the drama, Loui says she doesn't think Mark is a bad guy,  only he needs to "wake up" and also realise that his new wife, Salome, is to blame for feuds that have ripped the family apart.

Sounds like the old saying is true: Hell hath no fury like a (broke) woman scorned.

*Picture: Twitter