Asanda Foji: I know my acting wasn't impressive

Asanda Foji (Supplied)
Asanda Foji (Supplied)

Johannesburg - Former Generations actress Asanda Foji has reflected on her time at the popular soapie, admitting that her acting may not have been all that impressive.

The actress, who was booted from the show in July (read more about that here), puts her performance down to nerves and says that the transition to the show was a big one for her.

"I know that my acting was not impressive. I was nervous most of the time. The nerves really worked against me and it showed on television," she confesses to the Sowetan.

"There was a lot of pressure and I was new. It's funny that I was not intimated by the camera and lights though," she adds.

Still, she is grateful to the show helping her grow and improve her skills as an actress.

Especially when it comes to learning how to act with emotion.

"It's a skill I have learned as I got along. In my latest scenes I achieved it, maybe that is why my acting looked bad. As an actress, you constantly grow," Asanda says.

Asanda will make her last appearance on the show in December.