Ashish Gangapersad shares sweet snap of his wifey

It's no secret that the former Isidingo actor and Strictly Come Dancing contestant has been feeling the heat on the dance floor since the start of the season.

Even though judges have been quite hard on Ashish...his determination to succeed has seen him win the hearts of thousands of South Africans.

Some fans took to Twitter last week to vent their frustration over how harsh the judges were despite Ashish's concerted efforts.

Ashish himself admitted to the judges last week that even though he respected their views, he and his partner worked twice as hard to be half as good as any of the other contestants. Ashish added that he's trying to improve every week and if SA is behind him then they're entitled to that.

Ahead of tonight's show, Ashish posted a sweet snap of his wifey, thanking her for her unwavering support and leading his support camp.

"Heading up all the support I receive is this lovely thing. ," he captioned the pic.

Ooh...tonight's episode is going to be good!