Boity Thulo opens up about her 'ideal man'

Boity Thulo (Instagram)
Boity Thulo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Boity has reassured fans once again, that she's still searching for her 'Prince Charming.'

Remember those nasty rumours that Boity was engaged to comic Eugene Khoza? Yeah...they were just that! 

The star's love life has always been the subject of intense public scrutiny but she has since opened up to several publications, including Drum and the Daily Sun, about her relationship status.

"The love department is fine. I have love with God and love with my family. I have love with my supporters, and I have love with myself. There is no marriage plans yet. I'll get there," she told Daily Sun recently.

Boity says she would let people know if she is getting married or if there is a man in her life.  But in the meantime, the actress revealed that her dream man is someone with a similar personality to her.

"I want someone who's going to respect me and love me unconditionally. Someone who respects my career and my vision, and someone who has their own vision and direction," she tells Drum in a recent interview.

So, guys line up - tallest to shortest, please- and let's see if you have what it takes to rule Boity's heart.