Diski Divas: Wendy and Kat fired after violent altercation

Kat Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)
Kat Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Mzansi Magic have just released a statement confirming that Wendy Parker and Katlego Mohoaduba have been fired from Diski Divas with immediate effect.

The move follows an altercation between Wendy Parker, Katlego Mohoadube and Nonhle Ndala during a radio interview on Friday night.

Tensions between the ladies have been simmering for weeks now and things finally reached boiling point during an interview on Kaya FM. At the time, it was reported that Wendy and Nonhle were involved, but it has now been revealed that Kat was also present.

The Juice spoke to Wendy exclusively after the incident where she labelled Nonhle a "women abuser" who constantly belittled her and made racial slurs towards her, mocking her coloured accent.

However, The Juice understands that producers examined footage of the incident carefully and found Wendy and Kat to be the instigators of the incident.

Here is the full statement:

Mzansi Magic have been informed by the producers of Diski Divas, Connect TV,  of a decision to terminate the participation of Wendy Parker and Katlego (Kat) Mohoaduba in the show with immediate effect. This follows an altercation involving the two women with Nonhle Ndala. Mzansi Magic does not condone acts of violence and, supports Connect TV’s  decision to take immediate and significant action. Diski Divas will continue and whilst viewers will see both Parker and Mohoaduba over the next two weeks, they will not feature in the series beyond this point. Mzansi Magic confirms that whilst Diski Divas is an unscripted reality series, any unacceptable behaviour of cast members will not be tolerated.  We extend our  appreciation to Kaya FM for their swift action and apologise that this incident occurred on their premises during what should have been a routine interview.