But Poppy Ntshongwana is whipped hey!

Poppy and bae (Instagram)
Poppy and bae (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Radio personality Poppy Ntshongwana has been more open about her personal life in the past few weeks than the past ten years we've known her!

And that's probably because she's got herself a keeper and just, uhm, can't keep him to herself. Late last year, Poppy told us how she was going to meet bae's parents in the Eastern Cape and that she needed to brush up on her Xhosa.

If you follow on her Snapchat (If you don't, do it now) you'll know that not only did the meeting go well, but she and bae are totes on love.

From posting vids of him cleaning the pool, singing in the car, taking happy snaps together -  it was one epic loved-up vaycay.

And you know what! Guuurl, we've never seen you happier. This man has done something to you and we really like this new Poppy.

Also, here he is if you haven't caught on yet. 

Yum, ne?