Connie Ferguson: "I'm no sell out"

Ever since Generations returned to our screens last week, there has been a steady stream of hate towards the former Generations actors who went back. But the actors say they aren't sell outs, they're just doing their job!

One of the big names to return was Connie Ferguson. She told TimesLive this week that she has received "hate tweets like one-liners saying 'Connie Ferguson is a traitor'". She says she's not phased by it all.

"I always delete these tweets and don't even entertain them because I know who I am and why I am doing this," She says. "I am not doing this to betray anybody. This is my profession."

Someone who is also indifferent to the abuse is Manaka Ranaka, who plays the role of Lucy in the soapie. "We got a lot of flak for taking this job," she says. "We had people swearing at us and calling us traitors. I was forced to block two of the 16 fired actors from my social networks for being in support of people tweeting us hate messages," she adds. She says she doesn't "give two sh**s"about the abuse.

*Picture: Facebook