Darren Scott and his wife to split

Sarah-Kate Scott, Darren Scott (Facebook)
Sarah-Kate Scott, Darren Scott (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Darren Scott and his wife Sarah-Kate have announced via their Facebook pages that they are separating.

This comes as Scott recovers from a serious cancer scare in hospital.

In a joint statement, the couple say they have always been an open book with their fans and made the decision to be honest about their relationship publicly. 

"After 12 years together, and nearly 6 years of marriage, nearly 5 of which have been characterized by various challenges to both our marriage and our family, and after much soul-searching and discussion, we have taken a mutual decision to separate," reads the statement. 

Darren and Sarah-Kate have two children together, Mark and Matthew, and in the statement they say they will continue to be in each others lives and co-parent.

"This decision has been reached with the most important factor in mind, and one which we both have absolute agreement: our 2 boys. They are all that matter in this. We are well aware that Mark and Matthew are at ages where the presence of both their parents is crucial and with this in mind, we will remain part of each others lives as we continue to co-parent."

The couple insist that it was a joint decision and at this point only have the interests of their children in mind; "Please understand this is - and has been - an extremely difficult time for our family, for various reasons, and we ask you to be considerate of the fact that we just wish to protect our children and give them as normal and happy an upbringing as they deserve, and as we were afforded.We have come to this decision together, and as mature adults will move forward in a mature manner, both remaining firmly committed to, and acting in the best interests of our children."

Darren is currently still in hospital after having melanoma removed from his upper left lobe in his lung.

The announcement has been met with shock by fans, with both Darren and Sarah's Facebook pages being inundated with messages.