Darren Scott recovering 'well' after 5 hour surgery

Sarah-Kate Scott, Darren Scott (Facebook)
Sarah-Kate Scott, Darren Scott (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Darren Scott on Thursday underwent a 5-hour procedure to remove melanoma from his upper left lobe in his lung.

The radio personality earlier this week confirmed that he had been diagnosed with cancer after a biopsy was conducted.

South Africans have been waiting for news on his condition, after Darren told people on his Facebook page that he would be going for surgery on Thursday. 

His wife, Sarah-Kate updated concerned fans on her Facebook page late on Thursday afternoon, confirming that Darren's surgery had gone well.

"Celebration time!Darren is out of theatre!I just got a call from his surgeon saying the 5 hour procedure was long and technical but he is very happy with his work today. Darren is in recovery, in a lot of pain but it is been managed very carefully. So grateful! Thank you again for the overwhelming support!"

Darren said earlier it's expected that he would stay in hospital for a few weeks and would be unable to communicate, but did thank fans for their love and support.