Emotional moments leading up to Darren's surgery

Johannesburg- Hot FM radio personality Darren Scott on Thursday morning underwent surgery to remove a melanoma in his lung.

News of the radio personality's renewed cancer scare saddened fans across the country, with hundreds of well-wishes pouring in from across the world.

Both Darren and his wife, Sarah-Kate Scott took to Facebook to reveal details around Darren's condition.

Taking to Facebook late on Wednesday night, Darren revealed that he would be undergoing surgery today after a biopsy revealed that he had melanoma in his upper left lobe on his lung. (Read that story here

Darren's battle with cancer has been a long one, but he remains positive, joking about the blow to his health.

"So the fact that this is the 4th time melanoma has come-a-visitng MUST now put it into stalker category. I won't be able to communicate (unless you speak hieroglyphics) until next week," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Darren was successfully in remission until now, after having melanoma removed in 2012. 

Just minutes before Darren was wheeled into theatre his wife, and former Mrs South Africa Sarah-Kate posted touching pictures of him reading a book with his son.