Did Lexi just throw shade at SA men's penis sizes?

Lexi says Mandla size is just perfect
Lexi says Mandla size is just perfect

Former Big Brother star Lexi has always been quite open and outspoken.

But she’s been on a roll lately on social media and her latest comments take the cake.  After quite a hectic rant about jealous people, Lexi made some funny comments about mens’ penis sizes.

Here’s what she said:

“Small penis. Nah. Nextttt! I’ve always been scared to date black South African men. Or any South African for that matter… size really matters to me! But then God listened and blessed me with size in abundance. Thank you for looking out for me  God.” 

Erm, okay, so we all know that Mandla has an impressive package.

Glad you’re happy Lexi!