DJ Sbu: If I was a white kid I would be called a genius

DJ Sbu (Instagram)
DJ Sbu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - He's one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the country, with his own range of pretty much everything: from bread and energy drinks to toilet paper!

But DJ Sbu says making in-roads in the industry has been tough, especially when people just don't understand your hustle.

Talking to Sowetan recently, the charismatic businessman and radio personality spoke about breaking boundaries in the industry and reveals that he had to stay positive after several of his marketing attempts gathered negative press.

One of these attempts even cost him his job, after he promoted his energy drink on stage at the Metro FM awards (read more about that here). Another attempt caused a fiasco with Forbes magazine, (read more about that here) but ended with Sbu getting his own TV show.

"If I was a white kid I would be called a genius. But I am a black kid so they call me a guerrilla marketer.  It is because what I am doing is brilliant. I am one of the best marketers in my generation," Sbu says.

"My track record speaks for itself that am not a lazy person, but a go-getter," he adds.

Sbu claims that South Africans have "the mentality of self-entitlement" and that "young people do not appreciate our country enough."

Maybe Sbu can start an initiative to help them appreciate it more... oh wait, he already has.