DJ Sbu leaves hit show to move onto 'bigger things'

DJ Sbu (Instagram)
DJ Sbu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - We might only be a few days into spring but DJ Sbu has already done a bit of spring cleaning!

The well known media personality and entrepreneur recently confirmed, that he will be leaving hit TV show Friends like These, to focus on his other business projects.

In a statement, DJ Sbu confirmed that his 12 year stay on the show is coming to an end but that he hopes to assist the show behind the scenes.

"I am humbled to have worked with the best in the business of entertainment. I have learnt a lot working with Urban Brew, the BBC and SABC 1 to create such a successful game show,” said DJ Sbu.

Adding, “Friends Like These has made my entertainment career a success and made me a household name in the SA Television Industry. It is time I make way for others and move onto bigger challenges as a youth leader in business and community projects through my Foundation SLEF,” he added.

The decision comes only months after Sbu started his own business show on CNBC Africa (more on that here) and left several of his radio projects (read more about that here).

It seems like he is quickly leaving "Sbu the media personality" behind and embracing his new role as "Sbu the business and education mogul"

Go, Sbu!