DJ Tira's sons share his passion for music

DJ Tira (Instagram)
DJ Tira (Instagram)

Johannesburg- DJ Tira is wary of his sons following in his footsteps to pursue a career in music. 

But it's no surprise that both his sons have been born with a passion for music. 

Junior (18) and Chase (5) both already have a flair for hip-hop and spinning the decks. 

During an interview with Move! magazine, DJ Tira explained that while their talents are a blessing, as a father the pitfalls of the music industry concerns him. 

"The rejection when you are starting out is harsh. As a father, I don't know how I'd be able to cope with that. I'd like my kids to understand that being overly confident and thinking that you've arrived too soon can be dangerous. Learning how to preserve and understand the importance of respecting those who have been in the industry longer than you is key. They must also remember to always remain humble," Tira told the mag. 

Tira's older son is mad about hip-hop, but has had to work hard academically as well to get his parents to support his passion. 

The music veteran explained that he gave Junior an ultimatum to excel at school or they would put his music projects on hold. 

"Junior has always asked for equipment to record music and I recognised his passion and I bought him what he required," he added. 

Thankfully Junior hasn't given his parents reason to complain and he recently did a studio session with Oskido's son.