DJ Zinhle opens up about the social media hate

DJ Zinhle (Twitter)
DJ Zinhle (Twitter)

Johannesburg- DJ Zinhle was caught in the crossfire of AKA and iFani's twar, which got really nasty earlier this week. 

Fans hurled insults at Zinhle over AKA's comments about iFani going gold in one day. One tweep even wished a miscarriage upon Zinhle. 

But Zinhle says no amount of negativity can take away her joy and happiness. AKA's baby mama posted a snap of herself in a bikini that was taken in January this year and recounted how someone insulted her 'bulging' tummy. 

"This was in Jan, I was 3 months pregnant. I remember posting this pic & 1 lady commented that I needed to hit the gym immediately before wearing a bikini ever again. She told me that I shouldn't be wearing a bikini with a tummy like that. I didn't care, I still don't…," she wrote. 

Zinhle added that it was shocking how powerful people feel on social media. "Their words are weapons meant to hurt & discourage people they don't even know," she added. 

Speaking about the guy who wished a miscarriage upon her, Zinhle says that it also didn't affect her. 

"This also didn't affect me much as these were not my word but his & they will manifest in his life not mine, but as someone who was raised to respect & care for people his comments felt cruel & inhumane," she wrote. 

Zinhle questioned why people are so sad these days and are always out to steal other people's joy. She added that because her joy is in her own hands, these war of words will not make her miserable. 

She also shared some advice with her followers on how to stay happy. "So my advice is, be in control of your JOY, that way, no one can take it away from you…If these people knew how happy and amazing my life is, they wouldn't bother trying to steal my joy because there's too much of it, they would need a couple of lifetimes to steal all of my JOY," she wrote. 

Well said Zinhle!