Heartbroken rapper may turn to TV to find lost dad

Lection (Instagram)
Lection (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Lection may be forced to join a TV show like Khumbul' ekhaya to find his dad.

The Motswako rapper is on a quest to find his real father and, if all else fails, he says he'll even turn to TV shows to track him down.

Talking to Sunday World, Lection says he was raised by a single mother, but was shocked a few years ago when he was told that the man he always thought was his dad was actually not. 

"When I confronted my mother, she just told me my father had passed on, referring to my stepdad," he told the paper.

He says this made him even more upset because he didn't even have a relationship with his stepdad, and is the only one of the four siblings who does not know his dad.

"I wish my mother can lead me in the right direction because I want to look for my father for the sake of my four-year-old son," Lection says.

He says he's love to meet his dad and hear all about his other family, but if his mother and other family members can't help him, he will be forced to turn to TV to help.

"I want to ask them to assist me in finding my real father. If that doesn't work, I will contact Khumbul' ekhaya," he reveals.

Maybe he could even get Zola and his Utatakho team to help a brother out?