Heavy K on the Bucie beef: 'I felt useless'

Heavy K (Instagram)
Heavy K (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Heavy K is heartbroken over Bucie's SAMA snub, but has revealed that it's not the first time this has happened.

Heavy K took to social media recently to express his disappointment after she refused to thank him in her SAMA acceptance speech over the weekend. But, as Heavy K revealed in an interview with Metro FM 's Mo Flava on Thursday, Bucie has snubbed him before.

Heavy K says there has been an uneasy feeling between the two ever since they finished recording the song with several incidents since putting strain on their relationship. One of the most hurtful of these incidents was when Bucie failed to show up to Heavy K's birthday concert recently after she promised to attend.

"I spoke to her and told her I needed her there and she agreed to come. Everyone was excited to see us perform, but she never pitched. She never sms'd me to say 'Heavy K, I'm not coming' or even after to say 'Heavy K, I'm sorry for not coming. She was quiet the whole time and it made me feel useless," he says

"And even if I am useless, she shouldn't make me feel useless. I'm not useless, even if I mean nothing to her. I felt like I needed an explanation because I had promised people she would be there and she wasn't".

Heavy K says he was hurt by the incident and told her management, but friends convinced him to put his feelings aside and contact her again. Once he did, she apologised and Heavy K says he forgot about it until this most recent snub.

On the SAMA incident, Heavy K says that he holds no grudges or doesn't want any beef with Bucie, but is hurt because he gave her support and even recorded and gave her his best beats for free. All he wants is a thank you.

"All she has to say is 'thank you' and this thing is squashed," he says.