How Simphiwe Dana beat depression

We've all had it: those days where the blues just won't leave us alone. It's hard to snap out of it, but for Simphiwe Dana it was a struggle she never would have overcome without the help of her son.

The beautiful songstress opened up about her struggle with heartbreak and depression in a recent interview with Drum and reveals that her battles and the support of her nine-year-old son provided the inspiration for her hit single My Light.

"My son Phalo. He was the inspiration behind that song. I was going through a lot at some point, heartbreak and depression and Phalo was ‘My Light,’"she says.

"He's a very chirpy young man. Always trying to make jokes and trying to make mommy laugh and he was doing that at a time when I was feeling really down and had depression. He would come into my room and make jokes, make me laugh. He came into my darkness like a bright light!" she adds.

Sometimes, love is all you need!

*Picture: Instagram