How Sophie Ndaba is beating the bulge

Sophie Ndaba (Instagram)
Sophie Ndaba (Instagram)

Johannesburg- She is one of the most recognised faces in Mzansi, with fans who love her no matter what she does (or looks like).

But since leaving our screens on Generations, Sophie has been working on herself and has shed a few kilos.

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While fans have been quick to congratulate Sophie, she reveals that a lot of dedication, a strict diet, and a medical diagnosis has motivated her to focus on her health.

"I've cut out sugar. I'm diabetic now. I'm type two diabetic," she revealed to Gareth Cliff on his CliffCentral radio show this week. "When I found out a year ago I decided to change my lifestyle. I've been on diet for years, everyone knows that, they've called it a cabbage diet, a soup diet, but my diet now is simply eating healthy, creating a new lifestyle and I've proved it without dieting."

"I'm just a happy person because I didn't need to go on diet, I just created a new healthy lifestyle," she adds.

Sophie says that fans have never judged her for her figure, but embrace her regardless.

"Luckily my character has always been interesting, whether I gain weight or not. While other celebrities are under pressure, they say 'Did you see? She's added a few rolls to her waistline'. With me, I add a few rolls onto my waistline and they go 'Cute, she's added a new roll,"' she laughs.

"It's been amazing because the people of South Africa just don't forget the Queen character, the Sophie person, because I feel like a sister, an aunt, to them. So when they see me, they don't see anything else, they only see the woman who has been part of their lives for over two decades," she says.