iFani on AKA feud: 'I hope this is done now'

AKA and iFani (Social Media)
AKA and iFani (Social Media)

Johannesburg - iFani is SO over the AKA feud, saying that this is not how he wants to sell albums.

Speaking to The Juice, iFani says that he hopes the feud is done and he has cleared the air regarding the allegations that AKA made about him and sponsors buying his album to make him go gold.

"This whole album is about dreams and working hard. I don't want this. Thank you very much, but I don't want this."

While iFani considers it a closed case, he did tell us that he wouldn't be very excited to see AKA should he bump into him. "I'd be civil. Because that's the kind of person that I am. But I'm not sure I would rush over to meet him."

Earlier today, AKA brought up the claims once again, after fans Tweeted pictures of themselves with a six pack of Redds, saying they had also received a free iFani album.

AKA thinks this proves his point, while iFani says it doesn't. (Here's a link to the article)