iFani on AKA: 'He doesn't bother me'

iFani (Instagram)
iFani (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Earlier this week, AKA went on full boast-mode, mocking iFani for being in East London South Africa while he was in East London, England.

iFani epically responded with the 'golden' handshake pics, which had everyone giggling.

Now in an interview with CliffCentral.com's Arye Kellman, iFani has opened up about the diss, having some pretty hard-hitting truths to say about Mr. Forbes.

"I don't know what the issue is. I don't care if he does (have an issue) though. It doesn't change my dreams. My direction in life. My plans. I'm all about work and I'm not about the hype. I understand that he has a lot of hype. He has a lot of followers - he's a big artist. To be honest, if i was as big as him, I would never personally pick on anyone my size. I would feel like I am so far. If you dream big and start achieving big things, people on top start feeling uneasy."

About the East London vs East London comment, iFani says he doesn't understand what AKA was thinking mocking the very people who support him.

"I feel like we are in South Africa and we are supposed to be waving the flag for South Africa. You're supposed to be in London going 'yo guys, you guys need to go check out East London (South Africa).' You're not supposed to be saying, 'now that I'm overseas in this East London and now the other East London is tough.' The guys in East London bought my album. I performed in East London. They listen to his music too in East London. He has fans in East London. For him to look at East London like that is like, why my guy? Attack me. Leave the rest of the country out of it. Don't take the province."

A valid point, considering AKA recently spoke out about SA artists not supporting each other and that he'd sooner do a collab with a local African artist than an international star. (Read that article here) This as he has just met with hip hop heavyweight Tim Westwood. 

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