Judith Sephuma tells us how to address the haters

Judith Sephuma (Instagram)
Judith Sephuma (Instagram)

Johannesburg – No one is immune from social media haters and trolls, even Judith Sephuma.

But when they come to attack, Judith has her own way of dealing with it.

“People can be cruel. Not everyone is nice . But then I just block them,” Judith tells The Juice.

“When people say something that is not according to me, I block. I mean it’s my page. It’s my personal page. I just block you. I don’t come to your house and say ugly things ,” she adds.

Judith says it all starts with loving yourself.

“You must love yourself, we become so consumed in other things that we forget about ourselves. I wish people would love themselves and make the new year about loving yourself and about you,” she says. “Be selfish with you and love yourself. I promise when you love yourself your years will be longer on this earth and you’ll inspire people.”

We’re going to put that to the test, Judith!