Judith Sephuma's tips to get fit!


Johannesburg - Musician Judith Sephuma takes fitness very seriously.

The star has been all the talk on social media recently, as she showed fans videos and snaps of her gruelling fitness routines.

But fitness has always been Judith's thing.

"I've always loved being fit," Judith told The Juice in a chat recently. 

"I don't want to pick up weight because I'm strict with what I eat. Even from the days that I was in varsity, we used to train a lot, but when I got married and started having babies, I tried to train and it didn't work. So when I had enough of the babies, I decided to really work on myself," she adds.

Judith reveals she even travels overseas with a gym bag filled with workout clothes and equipment so that whenever the exercising itch strikes, she can scratch.

And even though fans have been quick to tell Judith how much her fitness techniques seem to be paying off, she's shy when the compliment is given.

"Thank you so much for the love. But I will tell you when I'm looking good," she jokes during our chat.

So what tips does she have for people who are trying to get fit or lose some of that winter fat?

"It's a decision you make, no-one can make it for you. You have to want to work out and make it fun for yourself," she advises.

"Also, you have to see what you eat not as a diet, but a lifestyle. So you have to make that decision to make it a lifestyle and make the first step until you just don't want to stop," she adds.

She'll certainly need that fitness when she performs at Gold Reef city next weekend (27 November). She says fans can expect a great mix of some of her old favourites and some newer ones.

We can't wait to boogie along.