Khanya M: "Rockville opened doors for me"


Johannesburg - Khanya Mkangisa has revealed that she will miss Rockville but has big things planned for the future. 

Khanya's character died of a drug over dose during the last season of the drama series. 

"It's a pity I won't be a part of it. This is how it goes in the acting world but you must move on as there are plenty of opportunities waiting out there," she told Sunday World.

The actress added that she received positive feedback for her role, as a prostitute who dies of a drug overdose, on the popular series.

"Most people enjoyed it as it was educational. It was sort of informal education for our youth not to get involved in drugs and other nasty things," she said. 

Khanya also admits that Rockville not only opened more doors for her, but it is one of the biggest highlights of her career, leaving her with the challenge to to live up to the expectations of her fans and those who follow her acting career. 

The 'It Girl' also revealed to the newspaper that she has an exciting project up her sleeve, but will not be spilling the beans...or at least, for now.

"I can't say much, or give you a hint of what type of project it is because I will [be] letting the cat out of the is a deal I've been dreaming about for a while," she said. 

And, if you're dying to know whether she's having a thing  with 'Zabalaza' actor, Matli Mohapeloa, well...she reportedly confirmed to being "close friends" with him to the newspaper, but denied a romantic relationship.