Khumbul'ekhaya host laughs off pregnancy rumours

Andile Gaelesiwe (Twitter)
Andile Gaelesiwe (Twitter)

Johannesburg - Hands up! Does anyone REALLY know what's going on with Khumbul'ekhaya's Andile Gaelesiwe and her boyfriend Lesley Musina?

One minute the couple have broken up (HERE is why), the next they are back in each other's arms (HERE is how they got back together) and now they pregnant?

At least that's the rumour that is going around.

According to Move, Andile has a certain glow about her and has gained weight.

We are never one to comment on a lady's weight, but the mag has ruled out the fact that the gain may simply be because Andile has found happiness in her life. Nope, she must be pregnant!

But Andile has laughed off the rumour. "I am not pregnant. People like to speculate," she said giggling.

Eish. It's also Winter guys. And that means more pies. #Justsaying