Koze Kuse DJ goes major!

It's been a great year so far for DJ Merlon. Not only has he shot to fame through the release of his infectious hit Koze Kuse, but he's also now been snapped up by Universal Records.

DJ Merlon told the Daily Sun that we was surprised but happy to sign with Universal - his first major record deal.

“I remember when we used to go to various record companies to get people to listen to our sound without luck. But when Koze Kuse became a hit, Universal found me and offered to sign me, " he told the paper.

But he reveals that they weren't the only label sniffing around for his signature. The creative freedom the label gives him convinced him to make the label his home.

Good luck to him!

Let's hope it won't be too long before he drops another tune to chase away the post-Koze Kuse blues.

*Picture: Twitter