Lection on being compared to HHP

Lection (Instagram)
Lection (Instagram)

Johannesburg - People often mistake Motswako rapper Lection for HHP. They just sound the same!

From sharing the stage with some of the country's greatest performers, to getting life advice from Jub Jub behind bars, Lection has come quite far in the rap game.

But there's one thing that poor Lection just can't seem to shake off- comparisons to HHP.

They may not share the same clothes size, but Lection recently told Sunday World  that his voice often gets mistaken for HHP's.

So much so that the young rapper has had to work on his voice to get people to recognise him.

The fact that Lection sounds like HHP isn't lost on the big man who even called up Lection to have a lil chat.

"I remember when HHP called me one day. He said that he feels like he's speaking to his own voicemail... that I sounded just like him," Lection recalls.

We think we'll let Mandoza handle this one...