Lesley Musina on Andile Gaelesiwe: 'Age is just a number'

Lesley Musina, Andile Gaelesiwe (Instagram/Twitter)
Lesley Musina, Andile Gaelesiwe (Instagram/Twitter)

Johannesburg - There's been a lot of talk around Muvhango's Lesley Musina and TV host, Andile Gaelesiwe.

It was reported a few months ago that they had broken up because of an age gap between them and because Andile was previously married.

Then the pair were spotted out together and confirmed that they had never split. (Read that story here)

Now Lesley has spoken to Drum, saying that there were lots of false stories out there. "It's not true that we're breaking up because of love triangles. Things were blown out of proportion."

*wipes eyebrows in relief*

Lesley further confirmed that he is happy and in love. "I fell in love with an individual, not because of anything else. It's not because of age or what people say, but how you relate to each other. When you love someone you don't date them because of fame."

Thanks for clearing that up, Lesley!