Minnie Dlamini: Bonang and I are not friends

Minnie tells her story (Instagram)
Minnie tells her story (Instagram)

Johannesburg - TV personality Minnie Dlamini has come out guns blazing to set the record straight over rumours that she says continue to plague her.  

Minnie is on the cover of Grazia magazine, where she explained that she's "sick and tired" of always being linked to Itumeleng Khune and being compared to Bonang. 

'We are definitely not friends'

After years of being compared to Bonang Matheba and always being pitted against her in the media, Minnie has broken her silence on their relationship.

"I want people to know that I don't like talking about other personalities in the industry. That being said, Bonang and I are one hundred percent not friends. However, we're not enemies either and I respect her as a colleague," she told the mag. 

Little over a month ago, Bonang was quoted in Drum magazine as saying that there was no issue between herself and Minnie, even going as far as to call her a friend. "I have no idea where the rumours come from. We're cool. Minnie and I are friends." Awks. (See that article here

As previously reported by The Juice, the feud rumours have never really gone away, with insiders telling us both ladies even go as far as to avoid each other at events. 

So, what about Itu?

Minnie and Itu were hands down one of the country's favourite celebrity couples. And, when news of their split broke, many fans were left shocked by the split, with most calling for some kind of reconciliation between the two.

In fact, earlier this year, The Juice had it under good authority that Itu was trying to win Minnie back - clearly without any success.

"There were so many things that happened between us, and it's nobody's business what those things were. Yes, our relationship happened publicly, but it all became a bit much. We were under a lot of pressure to stay together because it was what people wanted. I can't stand the fact that every time I get reported on -good or bad - his name comes up and vice versa. I feel like people need to get to a point where they realise that it's done," she said.

Minnie added that she and Itumeleng are happy in their separate lives. "I plead with South Africa to just let it go and move past it like we have," Minnie said. 

Sjoe, Minnie.