New show for Diski Divas Kat & Wendy

Katlego Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)
Katlego Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)

Johannesburg - If you, like us, have been having withdrawals ever since Kat Mohoaduba and Wendy Parker were kicked off Diski Divas, we are just about to make your day.

Kat has confirmed to The Juice that the besties will be taking their relationship back onto our TV screens later this year.

"I can't really say too much just yet because you know how the industry is with contracts and not being able to speak until contracts have been signed, but I can say that I will be back," she tells us.

"Wendy and I are working on something together, which is exciting. It's not necessarily a reality show but me and Wendy will definitely be on screen together again," she promises.

Kat says she has been humbled by the love she's been getting from her fans throughout her career.

"Being a reality star is great because people know the real me. People stop me and say 'oh my gosh, Kat, I'm so in love with you, you're such a humble person' and I have to say it is humble to have people love me for me and not for my character or because of a song," she says.  

THAT ring.

But it seems her fans aren't the only one showing Kat love. The Juice recently wrote how Kat has a new man (read more about them HERE)  At the time, Kat said there was no talk of getting engaged but they had talked about rings. Only a few days later she posted an Instagram picture of a beautiful ring, spawning rumours Kat's man had popped the (real) question!

"I'm in a special space and relationship right now and I'm really happy. He makes me really happy," she says.

"I want to keep this a little private for now but it could have been my ring on Instagram maybe, maybe not," she adds.

But kids will have to wait for now, "at least until I'm 30", she says.