3 local celebs who starred in international movies

Jeannie D (Photo: Instagram)
Jeannie D (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – The news of Pearl Thusi landing a part in US television show Quantico hit last week, and we’re still trying to get over the excitement (check that story out here). 

However, the local star is not the first to be offered a role in a US TV show, or movie for that matter. In fact, we can think of a couple of SA celebs who’ve made it big in Hollywood. #ProudMoments. 

But then there are those stars who just slipped under our radar – starring in international films without us even finding out. Tsk tsk. 

Here are some local celebs who've starred in international films that you might not have known about. 

1. Fana Mokoena

Working alongside Brad Pitt – a dream that many people around the world have, but only a handful will ever get the chance to experience. Lucky for SA actor, Fana Mokoena, he was a part of that small group. Fana made his Hollywood debut when he starred in zombie apocalypse movie World War Z with Brad.

In the movie Brad calls Fana for advice after zombies start to attack the human race. Check out his conversation with the Hollywood a-lister in the trailer. 

2. Jay Anstey

Many people don’t know this but Jay Anstey has actually starred in quite a few movies, both local and international. In 2012 Jay appeared in Inescapable, a Canadian movie which follows a similar plot as the Taken series. Inescapable follows a father’s desperate search for his daughter (Jay Anstey) who goes missing in the Middle East. Check if you can spot Jay in the movie trailer (kinda hard to miss, actually). 

3. Jeannie D

Did you know that Jeannie D once starred in a Steven Seagal action movie? The Top Billing presenter played the role of a bank teller in the 2006 movie Mercenary for Justice which was actually shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Although Jeannie doesn’t appear in the trailer of the movie, it’s still quite cool to know that she made a cameo in it.

(Photos: Instagram/Gallo Images)