7 things in the Sama goodie bag

22nd Annual South African Music Awards (Supplied)
22nd Annual South African Music Awards (Supplied)

Cape Town - Every year the R1 million question at the South African Music Awards is: What's in the bag? Or rather the R1.6 million question, because that's exactly how much the coveted celeb goodie bags are worth collectively at this year's event. 

Yes, we had to read that last sentence a couple of times over too!

Each year the presenters and live performers at the Samas are rewarded for their efforts with a swagged out goodie bag. From designer shades and sneakers to pimped out socks, here are seven of the coolest things in this year's goodie bag.

1. Each goodie bag will sport a pair of luxurious Ray-Bans.

2. Likes that's not enough, celebs also score trendy Millé sports gear to look fabulous on and off the stage. 

3. Jealous yet? Because we're only getting started. Each celeb will also walk away with Converse footwear. 

4. Have you ever heard of Stance Socks? Well, people like Will Smith and Rihanna are big fans. And you've guessed it, it's in the bag! 

5. Next up we have fitness programmes offered by Body 20 Studio. Like these guys even need it!  

6. An unusual addition to the goodie bags is a nifty little handbag essential from Best Breast. An instant adhesive breast lifts that mean you can kiss your bra goodbye!

7. Celebs need the ultimate in pampering and grooming products to help them rock all those red carpets, and the bags will be bulging with products and vouchers from the Beauty Factory and Beauty Fix.

After being showered with all these gifts, it's no wonder that Mzansi's most dazzling stars look like a million bucks. 

Don't miss all the excitement and live entertainment of the 22nd Annual South African Music Awards on Saturday 4 June 2016, celebrating the crème de la crème of South African music talent. 

The ceremony will be broadcast live on SABC1 from 20:00.