7 Things you should know about Chad Da Don

Chad Da Don (Photo: Supplied)
Chad Da Don (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – He’s recently signed to Locnville's ContraBanned music label, releasing his popular track, Hold On You with the duo. 

Rapper Chad Da Don has big plans for his career, calling 2017 “the year of CB (ContraBanned).” The Juice spent some time with Chad asking some very important questions like, “what have you been up to lately?” and “are you single?” – for the fans, you know. 

Here’s 7 things you should know about this talented muso. 

1. His first song 

Chad had a thing for music from a young age, admitting to us that he wrote his first song when he was around 9 years old.

“The first song I penned was really, really bad. It was something like, ‘you looking at my chains, you looking at my watch,’ and there was none of that. I was just like 9 years old.” 

??CB ??@Ephraim_Doa

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2. He was part of a group 

The rapper formed a Christian rap group when he was younger. His first performance was at a church conference in front of a crowd of about 3000 people.

“It was like a talent show and they all wanted us to showcase what we had. That was my first real performance so that was also nerve-wrecking but it went really well,” he says.   

3. He’s multi-talented 

“If I wasn’t in music I would be in sport because, under 14, I played (soccer) for South Africa, we won the world cup. And golf, I’ve got a very big love for golf. So it would be one of the two.” 

Hitting into the traffic

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4. Locnville Bromance 

Chad has a very good relationship with the Locnville twins, speaking highly of the pair. The star also revealed that he will be releasing an album with the duo. “It’s Locnville and me doing a joint collabo and it’s called ContraBanned Presents.” 

5. He wants to work with Eminem 

Eminem was an easy choice for Chad when asked which international artist he would like to collaborate with.

“My favourite Eminem song is Sing For The Moment. That song got me out of a lot of hard times in my life, and motivated me to carry on writing, carry on living, and to just carry on striving to one day be a star, and let people sing my music.”  

6. Monkeying around. 

“I have two pet monkeys at home,” Chad tells us. They're names? Coco and Babaloo.

Babaloo said Chad this Heats killing me bro !!!! ??@ephraim_doa

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7. Never a dull moment 

Ladies, if you’re looking for a guy who can make you laugh, Chad may be the one. “I’m actually a comedian. I’m so funny and I tell a lot of jokes. On the course, when I’m playing, I’m very serious and I’ve got my mind in there. But off the course I like to have fun and I like to make a lot of jokes,” he says. 


He is single. Need we say more?