Adè van Heerden on her unique stir-fry breakfast and TV debut hiccups

Ade van Heerden (Photo: Gallo)
Ade van Heerden (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Channel24 caught up with reigning Miss South Africa Dr. Adè van Heerden right after her TV debut on The Morning Show on

The brand-new breakfast show hosted by Jason Goliath, Adè van Heerden, Tumelo Mothotoane, Tino Chinyadi and Michaella Russell premiered at 06:00 on Monday. 

During our introductions over telephone I could still hear the excitement in Adè's voice, and she admits: "It's been quite a day."

To be honest, while the rest of us were hitting the snooze button for the third time, Adè had already started her day.

Talking about whether or not she has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, Adè says: "This morning, not really. There was a lot of adrenaline. But generally I'm already up at 4:30 to train. It's just a little bit earlier than usual, so not that bad."

The 25-year-old hosts her own segment called "Medical Mondays," which is combined with a fitness element. She says: "I'm really passionate about lifestyle medicine, which is all about preventative medicine."

And if you were wondering whether our beautiful Miss South Africa prefers tea or coffee in the morning she says: "I love a little of caffeine to get the day going. [she laughs]. With only a tiny bit of milk and sugar."

The medical doctor - and second lieutenant in the South African Military Health Services - absolutely loves stir-fry and poached egg for breakfast. 

Adè could hear the confusion in my voice when she mentioned "stir-fry" and laughs: "I'm always looking for an opportunity to get some good nutrients in my body. The poached egg makes it a little bit more 'breakfast.'"

And as a weekend treat she will have poached egg with avo on toast.

This is one of the many reasons the health-conscious Adè makes the perfect host for the segment which focuses on diet and exercise. 

Talking about what we can expect from her segment, she says: "We debunk myths around food types, medication, diet pills, super foods. General tips with flu season coming around, how to manage that and home remedies."

Unfortunately you will only able to see Adè on The Morning Show on Mondays, or at least for now, she says: "I am still Miss South Africa, which is a full-time job. So at the moment we're just doing Mondays until I finish my duties. And then we will take it from there."

Adè gushes about her on-camera team, saying: "The entire team is so incredible. Tumelo is an incredible news anchor. When we were rehearsing I was literally in awe the entire time. The way she read the news with such authority. It is such a learning experience. I'm like a sponge, just soaking everything up." 

The beauty queen says that her first day "exceeded all expectations," adding: "As a team we had such a great chemistry and we are there to speak the truth. We had a discussion on white privilege, and everybody was allowed to give their opinion. Nothing is censored."

Of course, the very first broadcast was not without any hiccups. The guest for Adè's segment cancelled last-minute and Adè only found out through her earpiece while live on TV.

The Miss SA beauty handled the situation with such poise and professionalism, simply moving on to the back-up pieces.