AKA gets 18 carat gold grills

AKA, Dr Smile (Photo credit: Instagram)
AKA, Dr Smile (Photo credit: Instagram)

Cape Town - Now we know that a lot of people might find AKA’s latest purchase a tasteless exhibition of wealth but we have to say that we find these ultra-lavish grills made especially for the bad boy by, Lexleo "Dr Smile" Aliwal, dentist to the stars pretty hot.

Here’s a close up shot of the grills posted to AKA’s Instagram followed by a video of them.   

18 karat Gold w/10 Vampire Rubies ???? by @drsmilelexleo ??

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That new new .... ????

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Here’s a shot of AKA with his sexy dentist, posted on the latter’s Instagram with the caption: "SUPA MEGA X DR SMILE®??????... @akaworldwide #SAMA22 ready with his handcrafted 1/1 18kt Yellow gold Vampire Ruby Grillz???? ??."