AKA says supporting the ANC has nothing to do with the money

AKA (photo credit: Instagram.com/akaworldwide)
AKA (photo credit: Instagram.com/akaworldwide)

Johannesburg – It seems not everyone is happy with AKA aligning himself with the ANC. The rapper, who shared snaps of himself at an ANC rally in P.E (more on that here) has been very open about his allegiance to the political party, mentioning earlier this year that he has turned down performances at EFF and DA rallies. 

But while at an airport AKA says he noticed how unhappy some people are with his choice. “Strange looks from people in the airport while in my ANC regalia. Ironic, since ANC is the reason they didn’t have to flee this country,” he tweeted. 

When someone accused the rapper of defending the party because of money he receives from them, he retaliated saying “I make more money in 30min, on stage than I’m being paid for weeks of campaigning. So how can it be about money?” 

He also addressed the snap of himself shaking hands with the president. 

The rappers rant continued with him explaining why he has no reason to be bothered by the accusations being thrown at him. 

“I drive a 2mil Rand car, and go to sleep next to the #1 bossest b***h in te game… how am I bothered fam?”