Cassper's new Bentley gets keyed

Cassper Nyovest on E! VIP. (Photo supplied)
Cassper Nyovest on E! VIP. (Photo supplied)

Cape Town - It was just last month that local rapper Cassper Nyovest told the world that he had bought his second Bentley in six months and while his fans rejoiced it seems that not everyone was happy for him.

The musician's car was keyed outside of a club that he was partying in on Wednesday night. 

Here's what Cassper had to say about the incident on his Twitter:

"I'm in the club celebrating hard work and someone calls me saying they found someone keying my brand new car. Mara why do have to do this?

Such a beautiful night? To end like this ? I worked so hard this year, not only to get what I have but to stay out of trouble. Then this?

A few days ago I tweeted that I don't want to post my cars and jewelry because it breeds envy and a lot of fans didn't understand, well... (sic)"

Here's a picture of Cassper with the car: