Clint Brink shares his top 3 tips for getting into shape

Clint Brink (Photo: Instagram)
Clint Brink (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – TV star Clint Brink’s fitness transformation over the years has been incredible, so when we met the actor at the press briefing of the new MTV Shuga: Down South, we just had to know his secret. 

Before sharing his top three tips for getting into shape, Clint explained to The Juice that losing weight is more than just a physical thing, adding that it’s important to deal with emotional issues that may hinder weight loss as well.

“You find a lot of people who do go to gym, who are slightly overweight, who battle with losing weight, and they are following diets, but they just can’t shed that weight. That’s because the emotional resolution is the thing to be looked after as well.” 

Here are Clint’s top 3 tips for getting into great shape: 

1. “Decide who you want to be, and how bad you want to be it.” 

2. “Be principled more than giving into feeling.” 

3. “Just work your ass off to be the best version of yourself.”  

In case you need some extra motivation, check out this before and after snap of the hunky actor: