Dr Malinga is building his own resort and has plans of taking it nationwide

Dr Malinga (Photo: Gallo Images)
Dr Malinga (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – First there was Lingas jumpsuits, then Lingas Water, and now local muso Dr Malinga is opening up his very own resort. 

Speaking to The Juice, the star told us that construction for "Linags Resort" is currently underway. "They're busy with swimming pools as we speak now and also later on we will build accommodation. We'll do that in winter when no one is coming to swim."

Dr Malinga says the idea to have his very own resort is one that he has had for a long time. According to him, there are two under construction, both of which will be opening in 2019. 

"The one in Siyabuswa (Mpumalanga) will be open in March. And then the other one in Hammanskraal (Gauteng) we hoping to open in September."

And though he's only launching two now, the muso says Lingas Resorts will be a franchise. "Let's say for example someone in Durban wants to open a Lingas Resort, we'll charge that person a fee and then we'll go and build a Lingas Resort that side and also market it everywhere with billboards."

So what should visitors expect from the retreat?

He explains: "The motto for Lingas Resort is 'Go Monate Fela' (It's just nice). It's a place where one will come and enjoy with his people. It's like a shop where I'll be selling Lingas products - Lingas energy drinks, Lingas water, and later on there will be a shop where you will be able to buy your swimwear."  


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