From having more kids to her favourite TV show - DJ Zinhle answers fan questions

DJ Zinhle (Photo: Gallo)
DJ Zinhle (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Have you ever wondered where DJ Zinhle likes to go for lunch, or if she has a crush?

Well wonder no more. The popular house DJ answered her fan's most burning questions using Instagram's latest "questions" feature - and here's what we learnt! 

Inbetween her busy work schedule and being 3-year-old Kairo's mother, the muso took some time out to respond to her fan's question.

Some questions were very personal while others were more lighthearted.

After all these reveals, one thing is for sure, we're already feeling closer to DJ Zinhle!    


1. Question: Are you in a relationship?

Answer: Yes, with myself. Most important relationship anyway.

2. Question: Are you still friends with Pearl? 

Answer: No longer friends. Lovers now.

3. Questions: What are your favourite international or local TV shows?

Answer: SA's The Queen

4. Questions: I miss Nomdeni. Are you guys still cool?

Answer: We're still cool

5. Question: Your favourite restaurant?

Answer: Big Mouth 

6. Question: A DJ you've always looked up to?

Answer: Definitely Oskido. 

7. Question: How many more kids do you want to have?

Answer: Just one more.

8. Question: Who is your crush?

Answer: I feel like having a crush on someone is something I left in my 20s. I feel like a crush in your 30s are major childish.

9. Question: Are you Zulu or Ndebele?

Answer: Zulu

10. Question: Are you always a happy person?

Answer: Not in the morning babes.

11. What is one your best memories, and your worst memories?

Answer: Best -  Giving birth to Kairo. Worst - My dad's death.


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