Here are the 5 most important AKA feuds of all time

AKA (Photo: Gallo Images)
AKA (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town - AKA just can't seem to stay out of trouble and has taken his "bad boy rapper" image to a whole new level. 

Just to recap, we take a look at some of AKA's most epic feuds to date - because we might have to add a couple more tomorrow! 

No one is safe. No one. 

1. AKA vs iFani

It all started when AKA tweeted that the only reason iFani's album hit gold status in one day was because his corporate sponsors bought 20 000 copies. (Read the full story here)

iFani and his sponsor, Redds, denied claims that they bought copies of iFani's album and then a full on Twar broke out!

As expected, AKA could not let it go, "Not one radio single. Not one video. Virtually zero buzz. .... 20k copies sold in a day ... ONE DAY!!!!!! Yet I'm the one that's lying," he tweeted.

And there seemed to be no end in sight to the feud between the rappers. Take a look at some of the petty tweets here. 

AKA has since deleted his tweets. 

2. AKA vs Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee threw major (and direct) shade at the local hip hop scene, when he tweeted, "Now that's hip hop....not this nonsense some of our local hip hop artists do...some even attacking tweeps...Put in a song..We want MUSIC (sic)"

And of course, your boy AKA wasn't going to just leave it there.

"I respect Black Coffee and his legendary status etc .... But you're crazy if you think I'm gonna let him piss on SA Hip Hop," he tweeted.

A string of tweets between the rapper and DJ followed.

But the beef was far from over. 

DJ Black Coffee allegedly smacked local rapper, AKA's road manager at the DStv iRock Music Festival in Limpopo last month. You can watch the video here

And even though Black Coffee went on to publicly apologise for the slapping incident, AKA's PR team klapped back, labelling Black Coffee's actions, "despicable and inexcusable." 

AKA has since deleted his tweets. 

3. AKA vs DJ Zinhle

Despite initial legal threats, AKA and Zinhle have kept their split very amicable. Well, for the most part.

So when Zinhle posted a picture of herself wearing one of Euphonik's Nonke T-shirts, AKA lost all self-control. 

"Yesterday was the end of me keeping my mouth shut. That post with the t shirt, totally unnecessary," He tweeted.

Followed by a whole tweet spree that you can read here

AKA has since deleted his tweets. 

4. AKA vs Cassper

AKA and Cassper's beef reached new heights when AKA walked up to Cassper at a club and slapped him last year!

AKA denied slapping Cassper until eventually coming clean on Twitter. But then swiftly deleted the tweets because his management team told him to do so.

AKA was also the first to diss Cassper with his song Composure, and three weeks later, Cassper hit back with a song of his own, Dust2Dust (listen to it here).

5. AKA vs Pearl Thusi

AKA took not so subtle jabs at Pearl Thusi, when he commented on her Sama dress earlier this year. "Someone showed up on the carpet with 3 tits on her chest yesterday & STILL nothing! What do these people have to do to get your attention!" he tweeted. 

Pearl has very publicly sided with DJ Zinhle after the breakup. "Is there an #askawoman to find out how to apologise to the woman who was sleeping with your man? #askingforafriend" she once tweeted.

There was also the time AKA shared a pic of his brand-new set of wheels. To which Pearl responded, "So cars are part of pissing contests now. How exciting. "

A full on twar broke out. But after all tweets were deleted, both went on to apologise to their fans for their behaviour.

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