Hulisani Ravele warns women to be "fully alert" after scary incident

Hulisani Ravele (Photo: Instagram/Hulisani Ravele)
Hulisani Ravele (Photo: Instagram/Hulisani Ravele)

Johannesburg – Former YoTV star Hulisani Ravele detailed a scary experience she had when two gentlemen in a car with no number plate tried to get her attention as she left the gym on Thursday morning. 

According to the presenters tweets she was leaving the gym when a car reversed in her direction. 

“I walk in front of the car and briskly ahead to the security guard and just hear the guy shouting ‘abhuti o are o batla go bua le wena’ [this guy wants to talk to you],” she explains in one tweet. 

The star revealed that her reaction to the situation was slower because she was on her cellphone responding to a text. 

“Playing back the scene in my mind, it would’ve taken those guys a second to snatch me because I was not FULLY alert. Damn,” she wrote. 

Hulisani urged women to learn from this incident.