Karlien van Jaarsveld shows off her baby belly: 'He is growing beautifully'

Karlien Van Jaarsveld (Photo: Gallo)
Karlien Van Jaarsveld (Photo: Gallo)

Sharing a photo of baby bump on Instagram, Afrikaans musician Karlien van Jaarsveld, said that her boy is growing beautifully. 

Wearing a black and yellow dress, Karlien captioned an Instagram post: "The dress is getting shorter in the front, Johannes Samuel is growing beautifully." 

In a separate post, Karlien said that at 34 weeks, moving around has become more difficult. "But thankfulness trumps everything," she adds.   

Karlien also poked fun at her father saying that she doesn't know how he has been moving around with his big stomach for ten years.

Speaking to Huisgenoot in October, Karlien confirmed the pregnancy. 

According to the singer, she and husband Joe were surprised by the news, as the new addition to the family was unplanned.