Kurt Darren on shedding 24kg and eyeing an action movie role

Kurt Darren (Photo: Gallo)
Kurt Darren (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - From shedding an impressive 24kg, to relocating to Gauteng, to eyeing an action movie role - The Juice caught up with local Afrikaans singer, Kurt Darren. 

About the move from the Cape Winelands to Johannesburg earlier this year - Kurt, who is originally from Pretoria, says that he simply missed his family and friends and wanted to be closer to them. 

He says: "My kids played a major factor. The people that my kids are close to are in Gauteng. My business is here [Gauteng], so when I would go home to Cape Town it would feel as if I'm on holiday. The people from Paarl are great, but my family is here." 

Having now had a couple a months to settle into their new home, the father-of-two says his children Kyrah (3) and Kade (2) have been thriving, saying: "My kids are so happy to be with their cousins, and the rest of the family."

As for his wife, Dunay, he says: "My wife is a fighter, and a quick learner. She will adjust anywhere."

Kurt Darren, Dunay Darren

The Kaalvoet Sokkie singer, who met his wife 14 years ago at a music video shoot, said that he fell in love with her the first time laid eyes on her.

"I knew she would one day be my wife, even though it took some convincing," he laughs. 

The couple will be going on a romantic cruise on board the Oceania Marine later this month, departing from Venice, Italy.   

"My wife and I are world travelers. We've been paragliding in the Caribbean, skiing and we've visited Venice about five times. The cruise departs from Venice - with stopovers in Montenegro, Greece, Croatia and Sicily - but Venice is absolutely one of our favourite places. We keep going back. We're going through a day earlier to stay an extra night."

The 48-year-old singer, who recently dropped a staggering 24kg, says all the fine-dining might "hurt" his fitness and wellness progress but he'll be hitting the gym while on vacation to keep up his progress. 

Kurt, who is now in his twelfth and final week of training with Kaizen Wellness, says he has gone from weighing 118kg to 94 kg and is feeling "incredible," especially when people almost don't recognise him. 


Kurt Darren

Kurt says he is now "super-fit" and is determined to build on his progress after the 12 weeks.

"I'm loving every moment of it. I'm enjoying what I eat, and I love exercise," he says, adding: "I've trained to push my body past its normal limits and I've learnt so much about myself. I never thought I would be able to do this two years ago."

But the adventure-junkie, who also has his helicopter license; and has been shark cage diving, says this was just another challenge he set out to defeat.

And now that he has the body and endurance levels of an action hero, Kurt says he is ready to take on the role of a movie star. 

"I know there is a role waiting for me. Every movie that I've been in, I've played a singer. I'm ready to take on a gritty role, even villain in an action or action-comedy movie."

When asked about his dream role, Kurt doesn't hesitate for a second, saying: "Taken." 

"I would love to a play a role similar to Liam Neeson's character in Taken. My wife has been kidnapped and I have to scale Table Mountain to save her," he laughs. 

Kurt Darren

The singer says that his favourite song to perform on stage is Laat die Dansvloer Brand.

"It's such a vibe, especially now that I can pull off dance moves I haven't done in 20 years," he exclaims. 

And if you ask him to sing a cover, he'll deliver Elton John's classic from the 1980's, Nikita.

Currently, the Afrikaans crooner is working on his summer single to be released before the end of the year, as well as his various MSC themed party cruises.  

To his fans he says: "Thank you for all your support. What we [musicians] do can be lonely sometimes, and the fans become your extended family."

(Photos: Gallo)