Listen: Zinhle’s touching advice to baby Kairo

DJ Zinhle (Instagram)
DJ Zinhle (Instagram)

Cape Town - Zinhle joined Jacaranda FM's Complimentary Breakfast on Tuesday morning to talk about love, heartbreak and Kairo.

When asked if she is happier now than while she was dating AKA, she simply responded, "The guy gave me a beautiful child. That is happier".

Not before bursting out in a fit of laughter.

She also spoke about her journey of self discovery, "All break ups do that for you. You start cutting you hair, riding bikes....I am definitely stable and happy".

"The body heals, the soul heals, and your heart heals," Zinhle said.

At the end of the interview she had some special words of wisdom to share with baby Kairo (for when she is a little older). "Nothing last forever. Everything passes. Maybe it just comes with age, you understand that things change. Everything is as it should be".

"You are equipped to deal with whatever it is at the time. You have it in you. She is enough for herself," she went on to say.

She spoke about how she learnt to love herself very late in life, but wants Kairo to understand that she needs to love yourself thoroughly before loving someone else."

Holding back tears.

You can listen to the full interview here: