Mabala Noise is not closing says spokesperson Tumi Moatshe

Mabala Noise (Photo: Instagram/Mabala Noise)
Mabala Noise (Photo: Instagram/Mabala Noise)

Johannesburg – Speaking to The Juice, Mabala Noise spokesperson Tumi Moatshe says rumours that the record label is shutting down is untrue. 

“There is no way that Mabala Noise is closing down,” Tumi says, also denying reports that label founder Reggie Nkabinde is leaving.

Social media was abuzz when stories surfaced that Reggie would be “disinvesting” from Mabala.

Tumi says this is not true. “Reggie is focusing on politics,” he tells us, adding: “Mabala is doing good under the leadership of Sikhulile Nzuza.”