Mabusha Masekela: I want my uncle to be remembered as a tremendous human being

Hugh Masekela (Photo: Gallo Images)
Hugh Masekela (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Speaking to The Juice, Mabusha Masekela, nephew of the late Hugh Masekela says he wants his uncle to be remembered as a tremendous human being, "an amazing creative, a mentor, a person who shared his love of art, music and life with everybody.”    

He adds: “One of the things about being with my uncle is that he always gave you confidence to be in any circumstance, but mostly never be intimidated or afraid of being in an African space. And to always understand and appreciate that space.” 

Mabusha also recalls one of his fondest memories while living with Hugh in the US.

“I lived with my uncle in the height of the 60s in California. One of my favourite memories perhaps was that we lived in a house that was across the street from the beach, but the only way that you could get to the house, because it was on top of a hill, was by cable car. And as a child I always loved that.” 

News of Hugh Masekela’s passing broke on Tuesday morning. The legendary jazz artist, who suffered from prostate cancer, was 78. 

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