Nonhle Thema is married and focused on her family

Picture: Nonhle Thema Instagram
Picture: Nonhle Thema Instagram

Johannesburg – Local TV personality Nonhle Thema has confirmed to The Juice that she has indeed tied the knot.  

Reports surfaced on Thursday that the star is married, and has been for a while.

Not giving too much away, she told The Juice: “Yes, I have [gotten married]. This was one of the reasons I have removed myself away from the spotlight.” 

Nonhle says that remaining out of the limelight has helped her focus her attention on her loved ones and herself.

“I can live my life peacefully, focusing on my family and my spiritual journey and finding my purpose,” she says.  

The star says that her decision to remain private has resulted in things “falling into place” in her life and with her talent coaching school.

“God has been at work and showing me my purpose and my school has been my prime focus. Through Talent Coaching Academy I get to live my purpose and use my gift to help others and teach them and share my wisdom. Hence now I see myself more as a teacher and life coach I get to shape other young people's lives and talent with teachings on how to handle fame and life.”